My pieces are metal, not ceramic.

I am a multi media artist currently specialising in metal art. In particular recycling metals. The main metals are tin cans, the pieces are not sharp but smooth, are primed and top coated in metals paints. It's impossible to do exactly the same piece twice as the metals are hand cut and shaped. The metals will twist differently and join together differently each time. I like to mix the primary paints as I paint so each piece keeps its individuality. I design innovatively, each piece is bespoke/unique with its own characteristics. I am often being inspired by 'found art' preferably rusty metals, discarded and rejected, getting a second lease of life.
This lawnmower base and shears were in a scrap yard. I remembered as a child being told to cut the grass. If it was not cut properly a shears would be handed out to go around snipping the stubborn stalks. So I put them together using re-bars going through the blades to make sure they could not rotate. I can make pieces from your garden/ work tools into outdoor garden features. Also perennial flowers for all year colour and interest, easy gardeneing. One of the fun things is when I am making flowers bees and butterflies land on them. I like to twist metals wires in an over/under style on stems as a nod to Celtic art which I am very fond of.

Please see the gallery page for examples of pieces made.

Being a DIY person this is a diy webpage. The FB page has better photos, etc.

I am also on Facebook -  Lynda Christian Artist