Gallery Paintings Drawings Sculpture design creative-Lynda Christian - Artist.


I enjoy using many mediums including recycled metals through oils to watercolours, pen \'n\' ink sketches and photography, sometimes mixing these together. Here are some examples. Photos are reduced re size.

Peach coloured tree

A peach coloured mini flowered tree

A garland

For a childs garden area photo bit distorted


Inspired by an old trolley and some garden tools.


Made 10 fr a school fence

Rose Tree

First piece of 2018, a Rose Tree about 4 feet tall. Free standing, suitable for indoors or out.

Rod flower Hollihock style

58inches / 147cms tall, perennial colour to flower beds, garden pots, indoors as an arrangement.

Garden Trowel

irca 14 inches/35.5cms tall. Could be framed for a presentation.


Glof club, a gift to someone? Could be framed. 50 plus P&P.

3 Coal Shovels

Circa 21inches by 12 inches/53cms x 30cms. Outdoors or in.

Smelling of Roses

Ready to hang, a novel way to direct people to the toilets mayb in a pub or hotel.

The Old Rake

Suitable for outdoors.

Making Hay

Suitable for outdoors

The Lazy Gardener

Free standing circa 72 inches/183cms tall piece.

Digging a Hole

Suitable for outdoors

Conventhill Shopping Centre

Displayed on gable end.

Sturdy outdoor ring

Apart from using these on doors or walls they also make excellent family grave wreaths. They last a

Mini rings

Christmas decorations.

In the pink

For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations. Could be keepsakes too.

Christmas rose pine cone

Suitable for hanging on a Christmas Tree or adding toa floral display.


A trible screen circa 5 1/2 feet tall.

Wedding Screen

A metal 3 piece screen.

Rose decorations and keepsakes

For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations.

Rose decorations and keepsakes

For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations.

Serviette holder

For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations.

Table name holders

Circa 3 to 4 inches in height.

Gift wrapping

Bows and roses


Brown paper packages tied up with string and Rose broaches.

2 inch roses

For gift wrapping, decorations or hanging from a hook.

Table decorations

Servette rings


Multi coloured Roses

Gift wrapping

Wrapping Roses for gifts.

Pink flower

Recycled metal flower

Blue flower

Recycled metal flower

Soft small flower

Circa 35 cms in diameter, suitable for outdoors.

Circa 1 metre diameter flower

Recycled metal flower

Blarney Castle Co Cork 2014

A circa 1 metre diameter main flower

Botanic Gardens Dublin 2013

Circa 11 metre vine of flowers

A mega flower

Metal wall haging flower.

Welcome Ring

Great as a gift.

Multi coloured ring

A welcome ring for a door or wall decoration, indoors or out.

Retro welcome ring

Circa 34 cms in diameter, suitable for outdoors.

Pine cone Ring

Metal welcome rings with Christmas in mind

Welcome Ring

Good for weddings and other celebrations

Rose Tree

Close upp of Roses

Rose decorations and keepsakes

For weddings, Christenings, Christmas andmany more celebrations.

Rainbow friendship ring

A small ring of rainbow flowers

Soft gold welcome ring

Also good for a dining table with a mirror underneath

May Flowers Ring

Delicate light flowers

Freindship ring circa 22cms

Friendship Ring

Circa 18cms with 3 cones

Rose Tree

Metal tree circa 8 feet tall.

Friars Gate in Kilmallock 2014

Tree circa 8 feet tall.

Raggedy Tree

The rag tree believed to cure people at Frairs Gate

Rose Tree

One of my Rose Trees in its new home.


Pair of Roses

Candle holder

Recycledmetal flower


Ink and graphite pencil

Killaloe Co Clare

Hand detailed photo with pastel, crayon and pen 'n' ink

Artists Notebook

Bought by LSAD (Limerick School of Art and Design).


Fron a couple of years circa 4 foot tall.

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